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Opening of pre-sales

Our new professional printer is coming soon!

Deploying all our know-how in the design of 3D printers, this new machine combines intelligence and modularity for high quality manufacturing, made in France.

Please be patient, in a few days we will open the pre-sales!

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The world is becoming aware that the way of producing must change and tend towards a reasoned production (local, responsible, ...).

DAGOMA Solutions & Services give you the power to impact the way you manufacture!

Controlled manufacturing

3d printing in progress

Prototyping, mass production on demand, repairability, ... Through a farm of 300 machines or via the provision of local manufacturing units, DAGOMA accompanies you to produce in a more responsible way ...

Design office

Design office crochet 3d

3D design and drawing, optimisation and preparation of prints, technical analysis ...

Training & coaching

3d printing training

Whatever your level, our trainers are at your side to teach you or perfect the use of 3D printing and drawing.

Supply chain

assembly production

As a continuation of our design and print-on-demand services, we have the ability to pre-assemble or assemble your production... Whether it is a packaging operation or a technical assembly.

Sectors of activity that are already using 3D printing

3D printing technology is becoming more and more democratic and affects all professions. More and more industrialists like you want to rethink their production in a more local and responsible way.

Local production

Our printers are designed and manufactured in France, in Roubaix.
We offer 3D printer farms for local production.


We are convinced that a company can - and must - reconcile profit with social, societal and environmental responsibilities. We try, on our own scale, to propose solutions that respect the environment and value people in our decisions.


We want to postpone the obsolescence of products. At DAGOMA, all spare parts are available. With our solutions, we encourage companies to find alternatives for the reparability of their products.

Customer service

We pay particular attention to our customer service. Aware that 3D printing is a new technology, we want to provide you with the support you need to ensure the success of your prints.

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Recognised Expertise

Speed, Quality, Reliability
We put our mastery of digital manufacturing at your disposal.

Whether you need a prototype or to mass produce several parts, our 3D printing factory of more than 300 machines can adapt to your needs.

Sustainable & Local Production

We design and manufacture parts in our premises in Roubaix, France.

Our raw materials are manufactured locally.

Environmental compliance

Your products are printed from a range of bio-based plastics in a variety of colours.
Of course, you can also choose more technical polymers such as PET-G, a choice of Nylon (PA6 -PA66...) or Propylene (PP).