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Our business

Designing and manufacturing 3D printers

Since 2014, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing 3D printers in Roubaix, Northern France.

Enabling everyone to become a local actor in their own production

You are the designer, manufacturer and trader of your products. No intermediaries or transport, and no more stock.

For individuals

If the Magis printer is a concentrate of intelligence for a simple and intuitive use, the range of Ultimate printers will delight the most expert by their performances and their modularity.

For professionals

Pro430 3

Designed for the demanding industrialist, the DAGOMA PRO 430 is the most powerful 3D printer we have ever created.
With an impressive capacity of more than 48 litres, new generation electronics, intelligent sensors and connectivity designed for mass production, think big for your production.

To go further

pro solutions

Solutions to help you design and improve your products, manufacture your series locally or remotely and market your products

Not to mention our expert support to train you and help you progress in 3D printing.

French Success Story

Dagoma was born from the meeting of two engineers. In 2014, in Shanghai, Matthieu Regnier and Gauthier Vignon were both working for the company ADEO. In their spare time, they met to work on a joint project for a folding bike. While creating their prototype, they discovered 3D printing.  

The two men quickly came to the same conclusion: 3D printing, at that time, was complicated and expensive. If they succeed in democratising this technology, they will be able to offer everyone the possibility of: Repairing, Adapting, Personalising, Enjoying and having fun, Learning, Prototyping and Producing.

Dagoma today

After the health crisis in 2020, 2021 marks the opening to professionals and the company wants to give itself the means to achieve its ambitions.
Dagoma has raised €1 million from private investors to complete the process of taking over the company. This new stage in the life of the start-up is being carried out around the historical founder, Matthieu Régnier and his new partner, Mathieu Besème, a specialist in marketing and digital issues.


Matthieu Régnier


Historic co-founder of DAGOMA
Engineer with a passion for new technologies

Mathieu Besème

Managing Director

Specialised in marketing and platform strategy development. 

Key figures and dates

  • Fundraising of €1 million
  • Launch of the new Pro printer
  • New website for professionals

  • COVID: 250,000 visors manufactured in May
  • R&D: launch of a new machine for professionals
  • Launch of a business recoveryprocedure

  • Campaign Harmless Weapons with TBWA/Paris
  • Expansion of the filament range (support, Pantone®, etc.)
  • New XL add-on and flexible tray

  • Release of the Magis3D printer
  • Disco Ultimate3D printer released
  • Two-colour / multi-materialtechnology
  • First book published by Dagoma: 21-day training

  • Release of the NEVA 3D printer
  • 700 3D printers sold/month

Obtaining the Pass French Tech

  • Startup of the YearAward
  • Dagoma awarded Great Place to Work

- 150 3D printers in production

- 400 3D printers sold/month

- Disco Easy 2003D printer released

- Dagoma doubles the size of its premises

Between 70 and 100 Discovery 200 sold each month


Creation of Dagoma

Launch of the Discovery 200 the cheapest 3D printer on the French market.