A connected scale for bees - Bee2Beep

Bee to beep

A connected scale for bees - Bee2Beep

The French company Bee2Beep has turned to 3D printing to design connected scales for beehives for sale.

At Dagoma, we immediately accepted this positive impact project because we know the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

This is why we supported Bee 2 Beep in the design and production of the first scale prototypes.

Then we launched POD (production on demand) for larger scale production.

Thanks to oursupply chain service, the company was able to reorder regularly and receive its parts directly to its warehouse within 10 days.

bee to beep hive

Since then, we have been producing recurring orders for PETG parts to ensure outdoor durability and UV resistance.

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The client
Bee2beep Certified Origine France Garantie, Bee 2 Beep is a company specialising in weighing equipment for the beekeeping world. It offers connected scales for sale to amateurs and professionals. https://bee2beep.com/