A 3D duck, with the Club Dago' community - Canard Street

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A 3D duck, with the Club Dago' community - Canard Street

The Dagoma community has once again put on a great show of strength, printing the world's largest giant duck, two metres high and made up of 273 pieces. 

The adventure of all records: 

It took 3,000 hours of printing, 40 3D printers and 273 parts produced by 15 members of the Dagoma club to create the world's largest 3D printed duck. The 2-metre tall duck is made of 35 kg of corn starch filament.

Now the giant has made its nest atop the restaurant duck Street in La Défense, Paris, where it acts as the XXL sign in the fast-food chain's second Parisian shop.

This world record was initiated by DUCK STREET and DAGOMA. After having organised the printing via the "Club DAGOMA"community for the 273 pieces needed to make Bernard, it was Shopconcept who counted, assembled and glued Bernard with love!

Thanks to the members of the Dagoma club : Patrick.M, Benjamin.D , Pierre F, Wilfried P, Serial 3d Printer, Julien J, Max G, Laurent S, Xavier B, Timothée A, Alexandre S, Gauthier V, Anatole F, Rey, Sylvain F

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The client
Canard Street Canard Street is a duck restaurant, offering street food: burgers, croquettes, tartars and groceries: duck breast, legs. As they say so well, these are restaurants that don't break a duck's back!