Design and manufacture of a mandrel - Rubanord


Design and manufacture of a mandrel - Rubanord

Rubanord finds its solution through 3D printing: 

Rubanord turned to 3D printing to design adhesive support cores. Difficult to find on the market, it was complicated to order in terms of quantity (orders under 500 pieces). In addition, Rubanord needed a specific width and diameter of support. 

3D printing was therefore the solution for small replenishments with important technical features. 

ribbon mandrel

We were therefore commissioned to produce the object.

First, we imagined its 3D design, then after validation from the customer we launched the production of the parts with our 3D printers.

Even today, we regularly launch production batches for the manufacture of its chucks.

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The client
Rubanord Rubanord is a subsidiary of the Ruban de Normandie group. Present throughout France, they specialise in the transformation of adhesive tapes and customised cutting. They have several cutting techniques from small to large series.