Creation of a new product - Viessmann France


Creation of a new product - Viessmann France

In August 2020, the company Viessmann contacted us to launch an ambitious project: to design a support for their new product, a connected thermostat... with the first deliveries in early September!
We therefore have 3 weeks to model and produce the support in order to be able to market the thermostat support on time.

viessmann prototype

The main challenge of this project was therefore to meet the deadlines. Firstly, we co-wrote a specification for the design of the thermostat support, taking into account technical and design constraints.

Also, very early in the project, we validated the colour, in order to be able to anticipate the supply of materials!

In less than 10 days, before going into production, we sent them 4 versions of prototypes in order to have one of them validated, and to validate a direction.
We then worked on the necessary adjustments such as cable passages, adjustments to fixings, etc.

The entire manufacturing process was then carried out in our Roubaix premises using our 3D printing technology. Our production capacity allowed us to produce the first 1000 products in 5 days. We boxed and labelled them to deliver a finished product.

In total, more than 5,000 products have been delivered since the start of the project.
Viessmann has been able to benefit from the advantages of 3D printing at Dagoma: flexibility, speed and cost savings in production (no investment in moulds). 

Viessmann benefits from a turnkey service with regular replenishments according to its needs.

Prototype viessmann realisation
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The client
Viessmann In 1917, Viessmann was founded in Germany. The company produced agricultural machinery, but also repaired textile machines and cars (a technology that was not yet widespread at the time). A few years later, Viessmann took a turn to start producing boilers. The company quickly got a head start on its competitors and over the years developed several different types of boiler (wood, gas, oil, etc.). Today, Viessmann has 49 subsidiaries worldwide and a turnover of 2.25 billion euros. It offers a complete range of heating systems for the home as well as industrial systems.