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Since 2013, we have been designing technical and technological products. Our best selling products today are of course 3D printers. We have also made objects that you have probably already seen, and maybe you even know some of them.

Our expertise is in plastics. We design products or tools in a pragmatic, simple and aesthetic way.

Our added value is 3D printing: we master this technology and it will allow us to make you touch the object from the first DRAWING PHASES. We will then be able to iterate together, with a common understanding and a real sharing.

Our offer

The Study phase starts with the idea and ends with a 3D RENDER AND PROTOTYPE.

Depending on the stage of your project, we co-construct and grow your product together.

We can integrate external modules in partnership or by subcontracting (electronics for example), depending on your needs.

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How does it work?

A design project is broken down into 4 main work phases: 

Kick-off meeting


This is the diagnostic phase, where you share with us your strategic challenges, your ambitions, your raison d'être!

We will try to put ourselves in your customers' shoes, and we will get on the way to the best possible design.



This is the back and forth phase. We will submit our first sketches, proposals and ideas.

We count on you to guide us in the direction(s) you think is best!

3D drafting and design

It's up to us: we have chosen the direction together and we are now in the 3D design phase.

Of course, you keep an eye on our progress and iterations on your products.

The prototype(s)


Together we have reached the end of this design phase! We have made 1 real prototype for you in 3D printing. 

We have a tangible proof of concept (POC) both for social networks and on a financier's desk.

A major advantage
(and time) ...

Because of the way we work internally, but also because it is a principle with us, design is in constant collaboration with production. 

For you, this means that the industrialisation phase is largely anticipated because it is integrated with our analysis and design stages.
Thus, we are able to industrialise very quickly the designs that we have produced together. 



Average duration of a study

1 to 3 months

Depending on the complexity and number of deliverables.

Our transparency is total. We will share all the progress of the project but also the sticking points.

Together we go further!



Budgetary envelope

from 3k€ to 15k

Depending on the technicality, the type of deliverable and the size of your projects!

Of course, this is a case by case basis, and all projects are different.
Contact us to discuss your needs!



Number of trades

5 minimum!

Designers, Engineers, Production and Customer Service Technicians, Electronics, IT: the technical part is under control.

Also our marketing and finance teams will intervene to challenge the project.

Our team of designers and engineers are dedicated to meeting your industrial specifications allowing total control of quality, costs and deadlines for your production of tomorrow! 

Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts

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