3D printing service

300 machines are at your disposal to produce parts according to your requirements 24 hours a day, thanks to a state-of-the-art technology that can print several technical materials.

DAGOMA assists companies, as well as the plastic injection industry, in subcontracting production that they cannot manage internally.

Plastic injection and 3D printing, a complementary collaboration

Plastic injection moulding is a well-known method for companies to produce plastic parts. However, this industry can face several problems in some projects: cost of the mould too expensive for small productions, slow and expensive prototyping, etc...

3D printing addresses many of these issues by eliminating the need for a mould, and producing parts in large quantities from a single file that can be easily modified by our teams. 

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Support: from set-up to delivery.

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Get in touch with our print service team and get a quote quickly!

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Let's model and test your project

Our teams will support you even if you cannot model your products.

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into production

That's it! We start the production of your parts in our 3D printing farm.

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Shipping directly to your home

DAGOMA sends your parts directly to your premises

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Why call on DAGOMA?

3D printing has already proven itself for many companies. Our 300 machines are available to help you with projects that are impossible for injection moulding companies to handle.

From 1 to 50,000 parts, our production plant is the ally of your projects. The precision of our printers, combined with the many technical filaments available, will be able to meet the expectations and constraints of your parts.

The 4 advantages of 3D printing at DAGOMA

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The largest French 3D printing farm

Our fleet of 300 machines can produce your parts as soon as the quote is validated. In addition to volume production, our print farm is capable of 24-hour production.

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A wide range of
technical materials

Are your projects subject to specific technical constraints? Our machines support these different materials: PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPU, ASA, PC, PP, ABS, PPS.

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Precise parts according to your requirements

3D printing will allow your company to obtain precise parts thanks to a simple 3D file. Our experts are behind your projects.

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Small, medium
and large series

DAGOMA can easily meet any quantity. All this without making a mould: a modifiable 3d file will be enough to produce your parts.


24-hour machine availability

50 000

parts very quickly


Customers won over by our service


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The example of Demarle

Known for their high quality kitchen moulds, DEMARLE turned to 3D printing to make the manufacturing process easier and faster.

We produced rigid plastic moulds for their silicone moulds!

In contrast to traditional methods (such as plastic injection), 3D printing for mould making allows for a real reduction in production costs, as well as a reduction in the time required to obtain the mould.

Indeed, the manufacture of moulds using traditional means of production represents a very high investment for companies. Furthermore, DEMARLE tries to offer new moulds regularly, with various shapes.

Our printing materials

Each family of filaments has variations in order to obtain different renderings for specific uses: carbon fibre PLA, recycled PETG, glass fibre PA, and many others...

Our experts will advise you on their use and performance according to your projects.

All the filaments below are tested and approved on our 3D printers. The 5 categories on which we have judged our printing materials are :

  • Fatigue resistance,
  • mechanical strength,
  • thermal resistance,
  • chemical resistance,
  • the ease of printing the filament.
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How about bringing 3D printing in-house?
DAGOMA can provide you with professional and easy-to-use 3D printers.

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