Filament Chromatik Professional Nylon Glass 1.75mm 1800g 2347 C - Fire Engine Red


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This filament spool in Pantone 2347 C is part of our PRO filament range. Thanks to the addition of glass microfibre in its composition, this filament has an exceptional quality in terms of robustness. Stiffness, shock resistance, resistance to the effects of traction: everything is there for the printing of parts that you want to be as durable and rigid as possible. This filament, which has a technical reputation, is therefore for connoisseurs. It has the advantage of a colour that is part of the Pantone range: perfect for controlling the colour rendering of your prints, for combining them with other objects and for making them last over time.

Filament specificities

Recommended tray
3D Lac, non-textured PEI
Print speed
From 30 to 50mm/s
Extrusion temperature
From 265 to 285°C
Temperature of the tray
60 to 70°C
Filament information
Chromatik Professional
Difficulty in printing
Filament colours
2347C fire engine red
Delivery time
37 days
Printing advice
Recommended nozzle(s)
Recommended nozzle type(s)
Recommended tray
3D Lac, non-textured PEI
Type(s) of tray(s) supported
recommended extrusion temperature
From 265 to 285°C
recommended tray temperature
60 to 70°C
Recommended print speed
From 30 to 50°mm/s
Retraction distance
From 2 to 3 mm
Flux filament % (%)
Shrinkage speed
Ventilation % of total
0 / 100

We consider the printing of the Chromatik Professional Nylon Glass 1.75mm 1800g 2347 C - Fireman Red Filament to be of a rather intermediate level.

We recommend the use of the 3D Lac tray , PEI non-textured.

For successful printing, we recommend :

  • a print speed of 30-50mm/s,
  • an extrusion temperature between 265 and 285°C .
  • and a plateau temperature between 60 and 70°C

  • TDS
    no associated data sheet
    no associated safety data sheet
    Chromatik Professional is part of the Dagoma Professional filament range. With different colours, different properties, different uses, this high quality filament is tested and approved for our Dagoma Professional 3D printers.