Filament LW-PLA 1.75cm 750g Black


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This black coloured filament spool is part of our PRO filament range. It is a high quality filament, easy to print and ecologically developed by DAGOMA. This LW PLA filament allows the production of low density parts, therefore very light. The filament expands from 230°, which can increase its volume up to 3 times.

Filament specificities

Recommended tray
Non-textured PEI
Print speed
From 30 to 60mm/s
Extrusion temperature
From 220 to 260°C
Temperature of the tray
From 50 to 60°C
Filament information
Difficulty in printing
Filament colours
Delivery time
Printing advice
Recommended nozzle(s)
Recommended nozzle type(s)
Recommended tray
Non-textured PEI
Type(s) of tray(s) supported
Buildgrip, Geckoteck HOT, PEI textured
recommended extrusion temperature
From 220 to 260°C
recommended tray temperature
From 50 to 60°C
Recommended print speed
From 30 to 60°mm/s
Retraction distance
From 5 to 6 mm
Flux filament % (%)
Shrinkage speed
Ventilation % of total
20 / 40

We consider the printing of the LW-PLA 1.75cm 750g Black Filament to be quite easy.

We recommend using the non-textured PEI tray, but this filament can also be printed on Buildgrip, Geckoteck HOT, textured PEI tray(s).

For successful printing, we recommend :

  • a print speed of between 30 and 60mm/s,
  • an extrusion temperature between 220 and 260°C .
  • and a plateau temperature of 50-60°C

  • TDS
    no associated data sheet
    no associated safety data sheet
    Use :
    LW PLA allows you to print lightweight 3D parts with low density. Its active foam technology offers the possibility to reduce your throughput and use only 35%. By reducing the flow rate, you will use less material and be able to produce more than with conventional PLA. Reduce your print time by increasing the height of the layers, the expansion of the Natural LW PLA will make up the difference. To have a high expansion of your filament, set a low speed and flow rate.

    High surface quality: LW PLA filament offers excellent surface quality for all your 3D prints.
    Lightweight: by using LW PLA, you can achieve a 65% weight reduction compared to conventional PLA.
    Expansion technology: LW PLA filament can expand up to 3 times its volume.

    ColorFabb is one of the most renowned European filament manufacturers. In addition to a range of classic PLA and ABS filaments, ColorFabb innovates with the first range of metal filaments. Thus, ColorFabb has for the first time put on the market a bronze and a copper filament. Quality is the key word at ColorFabb. During the production of the filaments, the diameter is checked more than 1,000 times per second using laser devices. Each coil is then heat-sealed. Finally, each roll is packaged in a cardboard box which is itself filmed. ColorFabb filaments are manufactured in the Netherlands.