Pantone PLA 1.75mm Filament - 2018 C - Orange


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This orange coloured reel is available in 750g.

Filament specificities

Recommended tray
Non-textured PEI
Print speed
From 30 to 80mm/s
Extrusion temperature
From 210 to 260°C
Temperature of the tray
From 50 to 70°C
Filament information
Difficulty in printing
Filament colours
Delivery time
Printing advice
Recommended nozzle(s)
Recommended nozzle type(s)
Recommended tray
Non-textured PEI
Type(s) of tray(s) supported
Buildgrip, Geckoteck COLD, Geckoteck HOT, PEI textured
recommended extrusion temperature
From 210 to 260°C
recommended tray temperature
From 50 to 70°C
Recommended print speed
From 30 to 80°mm/s
Retraction distance
From 3 to 4 mm
Flux filament % (%)
Shrinkage speed
Ventilation % of total
80 / 100

We consider the printing of the Pantone PLA 1.75mm - 2018 C - Orange Filament to be rather easy.

We recommend using the non-textured PEI tray, but this filament can also be printed on Buildgrip, Geckoteck COLD, Geckoteck HOT, textured PEI tray(s).

For successful printing, we recommend :

  • a print speed of between 30 and 80mm/s,
  • an extrusion temperature between 210 and 260°C .
  • and a plateau temperature between 50 and 70°C

  • TDS
    no associated data sheet
    no associated safety data sheet
    Use :
    Pantone PLA filament is a range of filaments used for 3D printing that match the colours of the famous Pantone colour chart. The colours have been matched to eliminate guesswork and improve consistency and predictability in the use of the filament. It is used by designers, architects and other professionals, as well as anyone printing for aesthetic purposes, such as matching paint colours.