3D printing for professionals and in general: an innovative subject that deserves to be explained, demonstrated and thought-provoking. Various media, both specialist and non-specialist, are becoming increasingly interested. Dagoma has compiled all the information for you here.

28 January 2022, Nord Info

Building on its success in the private and micro-business market, the French company DAGOMA has decided to launch a dedicated offer for professionals after raising €1 million in March.

28 December 2021, Cad-Magazine

Cad-Magazine publishes an article on DAGOMA's presence in the professional market with the PRO 430 printer.

28 December 2021, Nord Info

Following the example of public establishments, the 80 private secondary schools in the Nord will soon be equipped with 2 CO² sensors financed by the Department. This equipment, installed in the half-boarding facilities in particular, is essential in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

14 December 2021, La Gazette Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Faced with increasingly stiff competition from low-cost Chinese machines, the French 3D printer specialist is constantly studying and developing its markets. Recently, the company launched a printer for professionals.

n°01 // September - October - November 2021 of Makeur magazine

Thanks to its 3D printers, the Roubaix-based company was able to respond to the Department's request to manufacture CO2 sensors locally for the colleges in the North. A project in line with its credo: produce locally to consume sustainably.

page 7 of the magazine

n°01 // September - October - November 2021 of Makeur magazine

The French 3D printer brand granted us an interview to find out all about this unique company.

page 14 to 17 of the magazine

6 October 2021, MEDEF

In this first episode of the Argonauts' Micro, Matthieu Régnier gives us his vision of failure through the difficulties encountered between 2017 and 2019 by his company Dagoma, which specialises in 3D printing.

29 October 2021, BSmart

Matthieu RÉGNIER was a guest on BSmart's ecosystem programme to talk about 3D printing and DAGOMA's collaboration with La Virgule.

9 September 2021, Global Industry

With the difficulties encountered by major industrial sectors such as the automotive and aeronautical industries, many subcontractors are seeing their activity decline.

Mathieu Besème's speech at the Global Industrie exhibition in Lyon: 3:04:40 to 3:48:47

8 September 2021, Reporters of Hope

Reporters d'Espoirs joins the "Train de la relance" which will travel across France from 6 September. Come to the stations of 12 French cities to meet your future employers in a Job Village with Pôle Emploi, discover the concrete initiatives that benefit from the "France Relance" plan, or take part in the activities proposed by the Printemps de l'Optimisme - meetings with personalities, book signing sessions, yoga and meditation sessions...
11am-12pm France is... the industry of tomorrow. In a region with a mining past that has made the "third industrial revolution" its ambition, we will meet industry players who will tell us about its changes, its decarbonisation, its digitalisation, and the way in which it can once again create jobs.

2 September 2021, Le Mag IT

The term "Industry of the Future" covers very different realities depending on the company. It does not mean a radical overhaul of the production tool, but rather a gradual transformation process involving the adaptation of the organisation and its economic model.

31 August 2021, Industry & Technology

Dagoma, a French 3D printer manufacturer based in Roubaix (Nord), is about to go to the next level. The company will launch the marketing of its new machine, designed for Industry 4.0. Matthieu Régnier, CEO and co-founder, reveals his vision of 3D printing dedicated to mass production.

27 August 2021, BSmart

This is the case of Dagoma and Enlaps, two startups specialising in the development of 3D printers for the former and cameras dedicated to still videos for the latter. Behind their ambitious choice are issues of local supply and employment.

3 August 2021, La Voix du Nord

25 July 2021, Harvard Business Review France

We now need to reinvent our economy from the ground up, to make it socially inclusive and environmentally virtuous. To do this, we can no longer rely on the 20th century formula for innovation: expensive R&D projects and complex processes.

7 July 2021, A3DM

The French 3D printer manufacturer launches its business for professionals. For the past 6 years, Dagoma has been selling additive manufacturing machines to individuals. The new additive manufacturing system from the French manufacturer Pro 430 is announced as the most powerful one made by the start-up .

26 June 2021, Les Echos

Dagoma, which specialises in 3D printers for individuals, is turning its attention to the professional market with the launch of the slightly larger Pro 430 for the production of small and medium-sized parts.

12 June 2021, 3D natives

In order to start 2021 in the best possible way, Dagoma has announced that it will be welcoming new buyers as of 1 January 2021. The company's co-founder, Matthieu Regnier, will lead the takeover project with the help of a new shareholder specialising in marketing and platform strategy development, Mathieu Beseme. In addition, other financial investors will support the French company. In his press release, Matthieu Regnier, who is delighted, explains: " Beyond the financial contribution, we have sought long-term support from our new partners. Their advice and expertise will enable Dagoma to grow quickly and serenely.

4 June 2021, Le Journal des Entreprises

The 3D printer manufacturer Dagoma has raised €1 million, thus completing its takeover by one of its founders, Matthieu Régnier, alongside a new partner, Mathieu Besème. This operation gives the company the means to launch itself on the professional market this year.

26 January 2021, BFM Business Hauts-de-France

12 January 2021, Journal du Geek

A year ago, Dagoma, a specialist in 3D printing for the general public, appealed to the Commercial Court of Lille to help it find a solution to its shareholder situation, which had been limiting the development of the French company's projects for a long time. This support ended in late 2020 with the validation of an ambitious takeover project for the Dagoma company, which took effect on 1 January 2021.

6 January 2021, Learning Expedition in Hauts-de-France

Matthieu Régnier is the co-founder of DAGOMA, a French manufacturer of 3D printers, located in Roubaix in the North of France. And if someone had to represent the concept of Resilience, I think he could be the standard bearer. Just between us, he has me glued! 😲 Between the rise of his turnover, his development in the US, then the descent into hell starting with the closure of the US, the thanking of his collaborators, the significant drop in his turnover, the divergences with his B.A., the Covid... Despite all that, Matthieu knew how to master the situation, to trust his teams and his partners who repay him well. This is a real lesson in humility and courage that I offer you in this episode. Have a good listen! 🎧

28 December 2020, La voix du Nord

It is a new duo - Matthieu Régnier, co-creator of the company, and Mathieu Besème, who will relaunch the Roubaix-based 3D printer specialist. The courts have approved their takeover project.