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Kare - Kiloutou

We have had several opportunities to work on joint projects with the Kiloutou Group. This time, our help was needed to find a practical storage solution for one of their new products that was ready to be released on the market.


Kiloutou approached Dagoma with a specific project to benefit from our POD service. A new product (Kiloutou KARE) was due to be launched in the next few weeks, but first they needed to sort out one last detail: storage. Several thick cables come with the product, rolled up in a box, and the company wanted to find a simple and effective storage solution to prevent the cables from getting tangled up. 

So they came up with a model of a plastic part that could be attached to the cable and keep it rolled up for easy storage in the box. They also wanted the part to be quickly recognisable and to contribute to the branding of the group. We therefore used our POD service to print these parts, flocked with the Kiloutou logo. The production was quickly completed: they proposed a model of the part that we only needed to print. One piece, one colour, we were able to deliver the product quickly and without any problems.


For this project, we provided our Print On Demand service, and printed over 1500 pieces which we delivered in less than 2 weeks. We met Kiloutou's deadlines, as they themselves had delivery deadlines for their first clients. These simple pieces met the company's needs perfectly: to maximise the storage of cables in the box, and to display the Kiloutou logo.

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The client
Kiloutou Kiloutou was founded in 1980 by Franky Mulliez, and focused on equipment rental. Over the years, the company has developed several specialities, Kiloutou Module, Event, Energy; and also offers different services such as Kiloutou Global Service or Kiloutou Kare. Today, it is the second largest equipment rental company in France. Their clientele is mainly composed of professionals, 95%, but service to individuals is also available.