More than a commitment, a REAL OPPORTUNITY for companies.

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Sustainable production is the production method of tomorrow, but above all of today. 

This mode of production brings into play various aspects such as the competitiveness of companies and territories, as well as our responsibility towards ecological upheavals. Changes that we can no longer ignore.

Manufacturing in short circuits for local and sustainable consumption. The benefits seem obvious:

  • For companies
  • For customers
  • For the environment


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Producing locally allows :

- A reduction in intermediaries and therefore in transport costs.
- The limitation of pollution linked to transport.
- The control of the production process and therefore of sales by guaranteeing traceability.
- Better clarity about the origins of production.

Getting closer to your production allows you to size your production requirements in relation to your needs, whether they are one-off or systemic. 



Sustainable production also means encouraging reparability by proposing more sustainable solutions.

Product obsolescence mechanisms practised by some companies are now rejected by customers. 

Having repair solutions in your business allows you to provide your customers with solutions to problems. It is also an opportunity for customers to continue to use your business. 

It is a concrete tool for building customer loyalty and a real opportunity to diversify your income.


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Producing in a reasoned, local, on-demand way and in short circuits allows to save as much tCO2e (ton of CO2 or CO2 equivalent).

Producing locally allows for re-industrialisation and therefore the re-establishment of knowledge and know-how.

It also goes hand in hand with the energy transition, and according to the IPCC we are reducing our CO2 footprint by 228g of CO2 per kg of use.

Let's seize the opportunity of sustainable production.

DAGOMA's objective is to support you in this transformation.