The acquisition of the Solar Impulse label

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The acquisition of the Solar Impulse label

Amongst the many news and projects at DAGOMA during the year 2021, we would like to take the floor to share with you an achievement that is close to our hearts: the Solar Impulse label! 

After the association with French Tech and French Lab to promote our French know-how, this victory is a new way for us to materialise our commitment to the planet .

What is the Solar Impulse label?

Solar Impulse labelFrom its full name, "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution"This label is a guarantee of being part of the positive impact companies that combine environmental protection and financial viability. It helps to highlight and accelerate the introduction of new technologies and/or products to the market. The label has no expiry date.

How do we get the label?

This label is awarded following an assessment by independent internal experts. The evaluation is done through a neutral methodology based on verified standards

Firstly, you must meet the eligibility criteria such as belonging to at least one of the five Sustainable Development Goals (clean water and sanitation / clean and affordable energy / industry, innovation and infrastructure / sustainable cities and communities / responsible consumption and production).

Then the solution is evaluated according to 5 criteria:

  • Credibility
  • Scalability
  • Environmental benefits
  • Economic incentive for the customer 
  • Seller's profitability

In concrete terms, how does this impact DAGOMA?

This label brings recognition and validation that we are moving in the right direction and that we are on the right path to be in line with our values.

It also motivates us even more to continue to move forward in this direction, to combine the best possible approach and services. 

What are the next steps for DAGOMA?

As part of our responsible approach, we are also moving towards B Corp certification. We are also working internally with suppliers and partners to find cleaner, recycled and/or recyclable materials.

We are increasingly promoting our POD (production on demand) service, explaining that there is no need to buy a 3D printer for a one-off production. 

On the product side, we are constantly working on improving the technology of our machines in order to consume less, to allow more efficiency and speed, and also tolimit waste linked to misfires or filament waste.

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