The World's Biggest Burger - Comptoir Volant

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The World's Biggest Burger - Comptoir Volant

In 2020, the food truck Le Comptoir volant came to Dagoma to open La Friche Gourmande in Marcq-en-Barœul (59). The challenge: to make the world's biggest 3D printed burger as a decoration! Obviously, with the overflowing creativity of our company, we didn't hesitate a second.

As a team, we came up with the design and printed each of the parts that make up the burger: the bun, the lettuce leaf, the tomato slice, the chopped steak and the cheese.

The design quickly led us to a rather simple assembly, and a rather impressive number of parts: 187 pieces

Then it's on to production, where we've set up over 60 3D printers for this project. 

Some figures: 

3,766 hours of printing means :
- 157 days in continuous 24/24 - 7/7: 5 months!
- 538 working days, i.e. 107 weeks at 35 hours ...

The burger is over 2 metres high and 1.80 metres wide!

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And to keep things extravagant, the advertising agencies Ores Group and Nash&Young wanted to add their touch by making a promotional video. And what better way than to take inspiration from the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme.

To better understand, we invite you to watch the video:

And if you want to come and enjoy a good burger, there is only one address: https: //

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The client
Flying counter Le comptoir volant is 3 food trucks and 1 restaurant that promise love and good meat! Located in the North of France, they offer a wide choice of burgers, tartars and home fries.