The 4 main benefits of 3D printing for businesses

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The 4 main benefits of 3D printing for businesses

Whatever the size of your company, 3D printing can be very advantageous. The efficiency of a 3D device has been proven and many companies already rely on this technology. Discover in this article what are the main advantages for your company to bet on 3D printing. 

Tough performance

Do you have project ideas but have difficulty visualising them? Do you have parts that require recurring modifications? With a 3D printer and some knowledge of 3D modelling, your prototype is ready in a few hours. The rendering is not satisfactory? Print again with the necessary modifications!

Your projects will become much easier to develop and present to your employees or potential investors.


In addition, your company's production will also be impacted by an investment in 3D printing. For small series production, additive manufacturing is very useful for several reasons. Indeed, once the prototype is validated, you can directly launch your production without additional costs! And you will get your first parts in only a few days!

Seize the opportunity to get a head start on your competitors with fast and inexpensive production.

Reducing your expenses, optimising your costs

Additive manufacturing is a way of facilitating the assembly of sometimes complex parts and therefore reducing the number of steps in the manufacturing chain. Indeed, in 3D printing the parts you design can be more complex. This offers you the possibility of reducing the total number of parts by limiting the number of assemblies. All All these constraints will be a real advantage in terms of cost for small companies that produce small quantities.


In addition, this process is also very effective for optimising the stock of small structures. Indeed, by producing only the parts you need, you will not have to buy new storage space and maintain it! Once again, a saving of time and money.

Quality products that meet your expectations

And yes, even the quality of products for 3D printing users will be impacted. Whether it's the complex geometries and shapes you can give to your objects. Or by the customisation of your parts possible with 3D modelling. Customisation is difficult and costly with a traditional manufacturing method: you have to make new tools, moulds, and/or modify the production line. With 3D printing, a simple passage through a modelling software and your parts will be personalised according to your projects. 


Moreover, the reliability and precision of 3D printing is well proven. It will enable you to obtain parts that meet clear specifications. In addition, the diversity of materials available allows us to meet many needs (PLA, PETG, PA, TPU, TPE, etc.).

A sustainable production method

Finally, 3D printing allows small businesses to protect the environment on their own scale. This is an advantage for customers who are increasingly concerned about their consumption patterns. Additive manufacturing limits the production waste that is present in huge quantities with traditional machining techniques. In addition to this saving in industrial waste, 3D printing considerably reduces the CO2 emissions of manufactured products due to its geolocation. These are advantages that will make the difference for consumers who are concerned about the environment. And there are many of them: in 2021, 72% of French people are mobilised in favour of responsible consumption (source: Responsible Consumption Barometer, Greenflex and ADEME).



There are still many advantages for a company to switch to 3D printing. These 4 main advantages give you an initial idea of the opportunities offered by this technology. Are you convinced? 

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