3D printing among craftsmen: the journey of Grégoire Cuvillier

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3D printing among craftsmen: the journey of Grégoire Cuvillier

Grégoire Cuvillier is a passionate craftsman and founder of the company G Créé, which specialises in customised technical equipment and fittings. We asked him a few questions about his use of 3D printing and his journey from amateur to professional. He needed to be able to design and print custom parts, directly and quickly. So he got into 3D printing to increase his possibilities and "push the boundaries of custom design" .

Following his commitment to support local crafts and Made In France, he naturally turned to a French company. He chose our 3D printer DISCO ULTIMATE, which he appreciates for its endurance and precision. It allows him to save time on his projects and building sites by printing parts in 3D.

His turn to the professional

He tells us: "After developing some products and equipment for my personal use on my building sites and projects that I share on Instagram, I started to get more and more requests from my followers, and after several dozens of identical requests, I thought... maybe there is a need that 3d printing could meet. "It was after this realisation that he decided to launch his range.

In 2021, he is developing the GC Tools Maker™ range of tools and DIY accessories, produced by 3D printing, and marketed online since January 2022 (the shop here). His community is heavily involved in the development of the products. Indeed, he explains to us that the range of accessories is evolving and regularly enriched by new products, developed for craftsmen by craftsmen. They can each bring their contribution, their ideas and their precise needs, in order to respond with tailor-made products adapted to their daily life.

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Some examples of products
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Great potential among craftsmen

"In all trades, we are regularly confronted with repetitive work steps. We need to improve the precision and quality of our work, the way we store things, and the way we tailor things, because every job or work method is different. We need to avoid unnecessary waste of time, which can sometimes be too present on daily tasks. "By choosing 3D printing, Gregoire was able to meet this need. He gives as examples custom-made templates, storage accessories, hardware, etc. In particular to create spare parts that cannot be found to repair appliances and tools!

A taste for entrepreneurship, an open vision of development, and a passion: these are the qualities Grégoire believes are necessary to go from hobby 3D printing to a professional. But he also points out that you have to take the time to develop your products and learn how to manage your business. You have to have confidence in your 3D printers to ensure constant production. And finally "you have to be to listen to your customers, because professional 3D printing often means tailor-madeproducts".

3D printing has enabled Grégoire to develop a new craft activity that offers opportunities for the future. A technology that opens doors and offers many prospects!

All of Grégoire's projects and products are featured on his Instagram account @gctoolsmaker:


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The client
GC Tools Maker GC Tools Maker is a range of accessories and DIY tools developed by Grégoire Cuvillier (from the company G Créé) and produced by 3D printing. The products are designed in collaboration with craftsmen, for craftsmen.