Monuments of Roubaix in 3D

roubaix pod scaled

Monuments of Roubaix in 3D

On the weekend of 18 and 19 September 2021, we participated in the Heritage Days in collaboration with La Piscine.

For the occasion, the museum has filled their trunk with a new game designed for children. The aim was to reconstitute a map of the city of Roubaix and, with the help of clues, to position 13 monuments of the city in order to discover its rich heritage and history.

To create the monuments, La Piscine used 3D printing. We worked on the design with a 3D designer, Théo Vanbastelaere. Then we used our POD service to print them as 3D models.

IMG 1936 scaled

In 5 days, we were able to provide them with more than 130 3D printed parts, that is more than 10 parts per monument.

Imagine board game pieces that are small enough to fit on the board, a minimum of size to represent the imposing buildings and with enough accuracy to make the buildings look realistic. 

This is another good example of how 3D printing can be used to achieve speed and precision.

The Roubaix swimming pool is a very important place in the life of Roubaix. Also called the André-Diligent Museum of Art and Industry, the creations, sculptures, decorative arts, drawings and paintings represent our history.

They talked about it on Twitter!

A video summary of the project:

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