Nina Metayer: 3D printing and baking

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Nina Metayer: 3D printing and baking

For your next cake, include a 3D printer in your list of utensils! Yes, 3D printing is proving once again that it can be used in all fields. It's the pastry chef Nina Metayertwice named best pastry chef of the year in 2016 and 2017, who shows you the way.

A 3D king's cake?

First, in 2020, she made a very precise galette des rois in honour of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Using our MAGIS 3D printer, the chef carefully modelled the rose window of the church. She then used it to make the mould, cast in food-grade silicone . Discover the video:

The 1931 Café by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Then, the following year, she was called upon for a new project, in collaboration with the famous watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of their legendary watch ReversoTo celebrate the 90th anniversary of their legendary watch, the brand opened a temporary café in Paris: the 1931 Café. A space dedicated to Art Deco, a movement born in the 1920s, which inspired the Reverso watch. 

The chef's role is to create the pastries served in the café. She says on Instagram: "My part, as you can imagine, will be gourmet. We put a lot of heart into offering you a tasting interlude that matched the whole experience, elegant, delicate, a tribute to the decorative arts and its icon, the Reverso.

Bruit de Noisettes, Secret de Fruits Rouges, Soupir Chocolat, Silence de Myrtille... Four delicious pastries that required the creation of unique and specific moulds!

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To do this, she contacted us to make the parts to create the moulds. Nina started by drawing her ideas and providing us with sketches of her desserts. Based on these, we were able to model, validate and then produce the plastic cakes in 3D .

Then Nina took over to make these fake cakes: they were used to cast her moulds with food grade silicone. These moulds were then used to make beautiful and good cakes!

Beware of the greedy, the following pictures can be fatal...

3D printing in the service of the culinary arts is possible and already well proven! This technology offers many advantages and will continue to facilitate the work of professionals. 

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