Our professional printer
has arrived

Deploying all our know-how in the design of 3D printers, this new machine combines intelligence and modularity for high quality manufacturing, made in France

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Since 2014, we have been

manufacturers and
3D printers.

In 2015, we launched the Discovery200, the first 3D printer designed and manufactured in France, aimed at individuals.

The reception of this product was unanimous: its simplicity of use and accessibility allowed us to grow rapidly.
We were thus able to grow our products and services.

Initially aimed at individuals and designers, in 2016 DAGOMA launched the EXPLORER 350.

This "unusual" printer was our first step into the professional world.

Over the past 5 years, we have iterated and continuously improved this range of professional printers.

First of all, for our needs: because our products are always 50% printed, that's what makes the strength and the particularity of the MAGIS and the DiscoUltimate.

Secondly, because we are printing more and more parts for our industrial customers. And because the trend, especially since Covid-19, is towards localization: the production of parts is no exception!



Today we have a farm of 300 industrial printers
, which is at your disposal for all your parts needs.

And this year we announced our return to the industrial world, with the release of a new printer open to industrialists.

This one follows our 7 years of daily 3D printing,
with millions of parts made...

Our new 3D printer has been thought, designed and tested for more than 2 years with a clear target in mind: to serve the production of industrial parts. Our main criteria are therefore repairability and reliability.
Our products are made to last, especially in the most intense conditions of 24/7 production.

Pro430 3