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Training & Coaching

Sharing is an essential axis for us

It is at the heart of the relationship we have with you.
We are committed to sharing and passing on what we have learned and discovered over the past 7 years in the 3D printing microcosm.

DAGOMA's ambition is to relocate production and the related trades that revolve around it.

And training is at the heart of this desire, knowledge is what makes it possible.

We therefore offer à la carte training
and tailor-made training.

You will find our printing training courses by level (1, 2 or 3), 3D design training for 3D printing, and also training sessions on slicing software for the preparation of your productions.

We offer you to go even further, with additional support on :

  • preventive and curative maintenance of your 3D printer fleet
  • optimisation of parts or production
  • or on business processes to accelerate your projects thanks to 3D printing.

3D design applied to 3D printing

Knowing how to draw in 3D is good.

Understand the challenges of 3D printing, the impact of the different technologies, the advantages of each, the prerequisites, the best practices, etc.

This module will enable you to understand and therefore get around, thanks to 3D drawing, any blockages you may encounter. 

DAGO key ring covid
prototyping of the key ring

3D FDM printing

Behind this abbreviation (Manufacturing by Material Deposition) lies a particular manufacturing process. 

Like any manufacturing method, this one has its advantages and disadvantages, and you have to learn how to juggle them to achieve your goals! 

In this module, we will discuss the impact of materials, slice, media, 3D formats (stl, obj and others) ... and of course we will share the basics of successful printing! 

Maintenance: preventive and curative maintenance

Like any machine tool, the 3D printer is a composite of parts that require minimal maintenance for its proper functioning and to guarantee the repeatability necessary in your business. 

In this module, we will share best practices, key elements, and re-discover the 3D printer, element by element, to understand the small intricacies. 

Image 164
autonomous farm3

Becoming autonomous

You have a 3D printer farm and you want to increase your skills and speed up your output: 

  • Control of your farm management
  • Analysis of mechanical parts by reverse engineering
  • Maintenance operation
  • Understanding the firmware of your 3D printers.
  • Adjustment and optimisation of your machinery
  • Basic problems and fixes

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