Seize the opportunity to produce in 3D

Pro430 3

Designed for demanding industrialists, the PRO430 from DAGOMA
integrates the best of the latest 3D printing technologies.
With an impressive capacity of more than 48 litres, new generation electronics,
new intelligent sensors and connectivity designed for your mass production,
thinks big for your production: you are entering industry 4.0

4499 € EXCL.

Configure your future production unit

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I configure my printer(s) with its accessories (platen, print head)

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Take advantage of our payment facilities adapted to the business world.

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Logo Pro430 Dagoma FINAL VERSION 2021


Standard package

Logo Pro430 Dagoma FINAL VERSION 2021



business pack

Logo Pro430 Dagoma FINAL VERSION 2021



i.e. 4200€ HT

1 year manufacturer's warranty


Meet your production needs with 3D printing.

i.e. 4200€ HT

199/month excl.

1 year manufacturer's warranty

We help you to integrate additive technology into your production force to optimise it.

i.e. 4200€ HT

419/month excl.

1 year manufacturer's warranty

Transform your business with additive technology.
We support you in this value creation challenge.

As each company is different, DAGOMA's support gives you the opportunity to create YOUR tailor-made SUPPORT. DAGOMA listens to your needs and knows what is at stake, helping you to achieve your objectives.

Produce in volume !

Over 48 litres of usable capacity, with an unparalleled resolution of 12.5 microns. The PRO430 makes no compromises. Whether you're printing the same part thousands of times, or making hundreds of different parts, the consistency and reliability of the PRO430 will impress you. Its gigantic 508 mm diagonal will allow you to produce the longest parts with impressive speed.

48 Litres


12.5 Microns


508 mm

max length


Print head
Intelligent & Interchangeable !

Our print head embeds FSR ™ (Force Sensitive Resistor) technology. This is how we have made it easy and automatic to start each of your prints.
Thus, before each of your launches, your PRO430 will self-calibrate by mechanically sensing your hanging surface, whatever its characteristics.

In addition, this print head is interchangeable. Change the whole head in a flash to adapt its features to your needs!
Switch from a high definition nozzle to a high speed printing nozzle.   

Mesh Bed Technology

perfect first layer!


precision (in Z)

One set can hide another!

GIf plateau GRIS 3

Different materials: different hanging surfaces.

We have designed an ultra-magnetic heating tray.
Compatible with 2 types of flexible trays (flex and super-flex)
Available with several types of coatings (PEI, Buildgrip, Geckotek, BuildTak, etc)

800 Watt

Heating power


max. heating temperature

An industrial extruder!

The right pressure, at the right time.
3D printing is all about the right amount of pressure: not too much, not too little.

This is precisely what guided our developments in designing this brand new filament drive. In addition to unparalleled pushing power on our 3D printers, we have completely re-engineered the shape of our extrusion gears, and our guide line: it is no longer the extruder that guides the filament, but the filament that guides the extruder.
Our gears now have a mechanical stop to prevent deformation or damage to the filament and cover over 89% of their circumference for maximum grip.
Finally, the PRO430 is equipped with a filament sensor that allows early detection of the end of your spools, and easy insertion of your filaments.

feeder PRO430 other version

Over 89% contact

with the filament

Your production controlled
& monitored remotely

home 2


Remote control

The PRO430 is a connected printer.
It has
ethernet and wifi connectivityconnectivity, and will integrate perfectly into your company's network.
You will be able to run production batches, control and monitor your entire fleet
from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Via a simple and secure interfaceyou can ensure unprecedented reactivity,
and adjust your production according to the market.
Your industrial tool finally adapts to your needs in real time.

Instantly increase your production is finally possible!

production rack

Producing locally for sustainable consumption

Organise your production with our RackPRO to optimise your m².
Designed to fit 4 PRO430 industrial 3D printers, it is compatible with our roll storage boxes.

future of the industry

The future of industry starts here

Drive your print farm from anywhere. And harness the power of relocated production: on demand, on premise.
Rediscover agility and simplicity, while reducing your inventory and work-in-progress.

isotype dago environment

Environment & DAGOMA

We take responsibility for the environmental footprint of our products throughout their life cycle.
Our commitment is to eventually achieve 100% recycled and renewable material sourcing for all our 3D printers.

The local manufacture of the PRO430 is carried out with this objective: to reduce our impact on the environment.

Producing locally allows for re-industrialisation and therefore the re-establishment of knowledge and know-how. It also goes hand in hand with the energy transition. According to the IPCC, we reduce our footprint by 228g of CO2 per useful kg.