A meeting with one of our engineers specialized in 3D printing

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3D printing (or additive manufacturing) offers alternatives for rethinking production methods:

  • Plus local
  • Promoting reparability
  • Éavoid overstocking
  • Manufacturing on demand...

We offer to come and meet you.

An immersion as a spectator in the heart of your company's processes for a few hours in order to recommend any uses that 3D printing could impact (cost, supply, sustainability) etc.

Did you know that?

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DAGOMA has been granted the Innovation Tax Credit (CII). This approval underlines the quality of the technical and human resources that Dagoma deploys to design or carry out your industrial projects requiring 3D printing.

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20 à 40%

tax credit, depending on your project

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tax credit on our equipment

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tax credit on dedicated labor

This appointment is completely free and without obligation.

Please contact one of our experts.
We will call you back

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Discover the opportunities that 3D printing can offer your business.

By coming to you, as close as possible to your production processes and your organisation, we can present you with the most relevant solutions that 3D printing can offer you.