Production of test equipment - Kiloutou

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Production of test equipment - Kiloutou

For Kiloutou, safety is a priority. On a construction site, many machines are manoeuvring; machines that are generally very large and have many visual blind spots. It is therefore important to ensure that workers can move around without risking injury, without slowing down the site by stopping work to let people pass. 

To meet this need for personal safety, Kiloutou offers a safety system that allows the work to proceed without risk. The connected equipment warns workers when they are approaching the perimeter of a working machine, but the machines are also controlled by this system and pause if a person approaches.

It is then necessary to ensure that the equipment is always functional and connected. That's when Kiloutou contacted us: they needed a solution that would allow them to test their equipment (check the connection between the different modules, check that the cables are working and that the information is transmitted correctly). 

The objective was to find a simple solution in the form of a small module that could be easily moved around. After analysing the system and making prototypes, we submitted a test protocol to Kiloutou which they validated: a small 9V battery box with two plugs. Two LEDs light up and allow you to quickly see if the equipment is functional or not. We also designed another version, more durable because it is battery-operated, for central services.

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Kiloutou portable test box 300x263 1

By offering our design and prototyping services, we enabled Kiloutou to design a simple and lightweight solution. The test box allows them to check the equipment before and after each use to ensure maximum safety for the workers. 

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The client
Kiloutou Kiloutou was founded in 1980 by Franky Mulliez, and focused on equipment rental. Over the years, the company has developed several specialities, Kiloutou Module, Event, Energy; and also offers different services such as Kiloutou Global Service or Kiloutou Kare. Today, it is the second largest equipment rental company in France. Their clientele is mainly composed of professionals, 95%, but service to individuals is also available.