Production resumes thanks to 3D printing - TrackAp

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Production resumes thanks to 3D printing - TrackAp

The startup TrackAp encountered an availability problem on one of its parts, and found itself stuck in production. They contacted us urgently for the rapid production of parts for their product: a connected bike tracker, to be supplied if possible within a few days.

The TrackAp team are engineers, and they have a good grasp of 3D printing. As a result, they managed the design and 3D drawing, and provided us with the model of the part at the beginning of the project. On our side, we focused on the production on demand. The part was technical, but perfectly designed for 3D printing. The first 500 parts rolled off our lines within hours, and we were able to deliver TrackAp the next morning.

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It is particularly advantageous to be able to limit the impact of a stock shortage in this way: take advantage of the flexibility offered by 3D printing to restart assembly operations. 

After the first production batch, we reworked the wall thicknesses of our parts with TrackAp (see opposite). The aim was to further optimise the following orders, and thus guarantee the best possible product, as quickly as possible! 

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The client
TRACK AP Two young graduates, both fed up with having their bikes stolen, and TrackAp was born: an application that tracks bikes. Their objective was to promote secure, maximised and enhanced urban mobility for all. More specifically, the Lille-based startup offers a premium, tailor-made GPS tracking solution for mobility professionals. Created in 2019, the application allows its user to obtain the precise and instantaneous location of his or her bike, especially in case of theft.