Adaptation of product supports at the point of sale - Leroy Merlin


Adaptation of product supports at the point of sale - Leroy Merlin

The launch of a new product or a new product range is always accompanied by a reflection on its implementation in shops:

 - Where should it be offered?
- How should the product be presented?
- How should the product be promoted?

These are the questions that the Leroy Merlin teams asked themselves when implementing their new range of screwdrivers. 

Previously attached by the chuck, the power tools are now displayed via a base that holds the products instead of the battery. They wanted to be able to display the new range without having to create new displays. Indeed, as they already offer a range of screwdrivers, the idea was to find a solution to use the same supports by adapting them for the new generation of screwdrivers. 

We were able to accompany them in this process.

LM Tools Department

So we modelled and prototyped parts to fit the old screwdriver holder. The aim was to ensure that the new versions of the tools could still be attached to the battery, with the smallest possible addition of parts. We proposed an intermediate part that would fit between the old holder and the new screwdrivers.

Leroy Merlin, in search of a technical solution, was able to find 3 solutions by turning to 3D printing:
- a technical solution: in order to reuse existing supports.
- an ecological solution: favouring the reuse of their old supports on the one hand and short circuits (for the manufacturing) on the other hand.
- an economical solution: no need to design new displays from scratch.

We were able to supply them with more than 6,000 parts through our POD service, which we delivered to the company's 145 French shops.

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The client
LEROY MERLIN Leroy Merlin was founded in 1923 and originally sold kit houses and other building materials. Over the years, the company grew in size and diversified its product range. The Mulliez family bought the company in 1981 and it is now a giant in the field of home improvement.