3 values that drive and motivate us:


At Dagoma, creativity is everywhere.

It is the driving force behind our products. We imagine, design and manufacture our printers to best meet our customers' expectations.

Internally, creativity is embedded in all teams. An agile organisation and collective innovation allow us to adapt quickly, improve and invent while remaining humble.

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At Dagoma, we believe in fairness, transparency and honesty in relationships between people: between employees, with our partners and our customers.

Fairness is also found in our trade: fair, with fair prices, favouring the shortest possible commercial chain and transparency to allow everyone to be an actor in their development model.

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The right price

At Dagoma, we are convinced that tomorrow's trade must be a win-win exchange between seller and buyer, i.e.: fair, transparent, clear... That's why we strive to make sure that the...


At Dagoma, we believe that a company can - and should - reconcile profit with social, societal and environmental responsibilities. We imagine and try, on our own scale, to propose solutions for our customers that are engaging and responsible, a way to impact our eco-systems together.

Whether for our customers, our partners or ourselves, all Dagoma teams think and reflect on all our actions, processes and organisations in a sustainable way.

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